Supply Chain Professionals

Are you looking for temporary reinforcement to achieve a specific goal? An interim professional can offer the perfect solution. Our group of supply chain specialists is available on an interim basis to support your organization. With extensive experience, our specialists are equipped to look beyond today’s bottlenecks and fortify your supply chain operations for the future.

Interim Supply Chain Professionals

Why choose Interim Supply Chain Professionals

Organizations are always evolving, and different situations arise where our interim services can be invaluable. During transitional phases or when facing immediate challenges, our interim professionals provide the expertise and support needed to keep your operations running smoothly.


A temporary expert when required

Defining Interim Services

Defining interim services

Interim services mean we can help your organization as a temporary business role in the field of supply chain. We fulfill a temporary need for a specific amount of time in an operational role in the business.

The ideal solution

The ideal solution

If your organization has plans to grow or pursue ambitious projects but lacks the necessary knowledge, expertise, skills, or manpower in-house, an interim professional is the ideal solution. Whether you need to bridge a temporary leadership gap, implement new strategies, or respond to sudden growth, the right interim professional can be an exceptional asset to your team.

Interim Supply Chain Roles

Interim supply chain roles

Planadigm professionals can perform the following interim roles:

  • Demand Planner/ Manager
  • Supply Planner/ Manager
  • S&OP Planner/ Manager
  • IBP Manager

Please contact us to discuss the details and requirements of your needs.


Why Planadigm?


We bring years of domain & tool knowledge to the table.


What you see & hear is what you get.


Open & honest way of working.

Knowledge transfer

We transfer our knowledge to your organisation, so you can do the next project yourself.

Tangible results

We dive deep into your challenges, offering tailored solutions that drive tangible results
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