Pigment AI, smarter business planning


Published by Jan Veerman, last updated on

We have got some great news to share! Pigment has just announced Pigment AI.


We are excited to be partnering with Pigment to help bring these features to your business. The combination of true cloud-based planning platform with AI functionality opens doors to improvements like:
  • Work faster, better
  • Collaborate effectively
  • Accelerate strategic decision making
  • Enhance employee experience


And many more benefits, beyond imagination. Ask questions using natural language to receive instant answers. Generating new insights and the ability to be more responsive. Let Pigment AI do the hard work for you!


You can find more information here: https://www.gopigment.com/ai
Keep close attention to our website the next period, we will announce more information once available. Interested to find out more, please let me know at jan.veerman@planadigm.com.
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