About Planadigm

We are a group of experienced Planning consultants that bring planning process-, industry- and planning tool experience to the table. Our consultants can be characterised by our four core values (CIAO): Curiosity, Integrity, Authenticity, and Open Mindedness. We are hands-on, pragmatic and have a focus on planning process improvements and Pigment implementations. To improve your bottom line results.

Group of Experts

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Jan Veerman

Jan Veerman

Managing Partner
Additional info: 20+ years experience - Planning Solutions
15+ years experience - Supply Chain

Jurgen Maas

Planning Expert
Additional info: 12+ years experience - Planning Solutions
10+ years experience - Supply Chain
Liaison between business & IT
IT background

Mike Huiberts

Planning Consultant
Additional info: Liaison between business & finance
Strong intercultural skills
Indira Martinez Ramirez

Indira Martinez Ramirez

Planning Consultant
Additional info: Liaison between production, finance & planning
Strong cross-industry experience
Diverse multicultural background
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