Batch sized production, limited capacity to store inventory, just in time production are some of the characteristics of the Process industry. Characteristics that can cause supply chain issues if not planned and handled well.

Process characteristics

Process 02

Batch sized production

With different products to produce, how to set the right size, order and sequence of batches? Finding an optimum between batch size production and switch over time and costs.

Process 03

Limited capacity to store inventory

With limited storage space, how can inventory be to store for long? The creation (batches), storage and logistics need to be closely planned and aligned to prevent clogging the system.

Process 04

Just in time production

Just in time seems the right approach, but to what costs? Do you produce longer batches to reduce switch over time and costs but increase the inventory? Or smaller batches?

How we can help

Aligned planning

Integrated planning

Remove the siloes within your organisation, create an aligned and agreed plan between Supply, Operations and Finance. Transparency and accountability throughout the planning process.

Clear visibility

Clear visibility and reporting

Create metrics to measure progress and set clear thresholds for automatic alerting when thresholds are reached. Frequent updates of the metrics to keep a close watch on progress.

Extendend SC

Extended supply chain

Team with up- and downstream partners to allow for early warning systems to trigger in advance and allow for adjustments where needed.

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