Retail & FMCG

High volumes and low margins are characteristics of most of the businesses working in Retail & FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods). For the online world, the last mile causes all kinds of challenges to be handled by supply chain.

Retail & FMCG characteristics

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Low margins

Most retail operate under low margins. The need for high volumes and the right product mix is essential. How do you make sure you have the correct mix in place?

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Last mile logistics

For all online shops and increasing brick & mortar shops, the last mile delivery is costly and planning intense. How do you apply the available resources to reach the maximum result? At the lowest costs?

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Promotional pressure

A lot of products are sold promoted. How do you plan ahead to make sure you can handle the volumes and reduce the chance of running out of stock?

How we can help


Plan the right volumes

Any miss in your forecast of the volumes (too high or too low) will cost you. Or in abundant inventory (becoming obsolete shortly) or in out of stocks and missed sales. Plan at the right levels and use automation where possible (forecast algorithms).

Extendend SC

Extend your supply chain

Early insight in what is coming your way and the status of delivery by an outsourced partner helps you to make informed decisions in time. And keeps your end customers informed of the latest status.

Finance Report

Know the financial impact of any decision

Knowing that the margins are low, any error will cost you dearly. So have a full understanding and insight of the financial impact of any decision you make in your plans. It can save you from making the wrong decisions.

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