Pigment Platform Implementation

We implement Pigment and Pigment only. We believe that Pigment is the next level, state-of-the-art planning platform and our focus on this platform guarantees we deliver you value with our experienced and smart implementation consultants.

Pigment is the #1 planning tool

Why look further if you have found the best solution? We highly recommend the use of Pigment to support all your planning processes. Pigment is a cloud-based planning platform which supports Planning 3.0: a very flexible and agile platform, that can be maintained by the business, for the business.

At Planadigm, all our consultants are certified (Modeling Fundamentals, Automations) and as Planadigm we are Solution (Presales) certified.

Planadigm - Solution Certification

Build beautiful and dynamic reports, plans and forecasts

Pigment Planning

For Supply Chain professionals

When translating your customer demand, you need quick insights & overviews of the impact on your operations. Changes in plan need to be recalculated on the fly to be able to adjust.

With the use of dashboards and KPI’s in Pigment, you be in control of your supply chain, up- and downstream.

Pigment revenue

For Sales & Revenue

Pigment gives you the ability to find opportunities and build accurate plans in an ever-changing landscape, providing you with what you need to understand how your business is working in real-time.

Create stunning visualizations that keep your team in the loop and help boost sales.

Pigment for executive

For Executives

When you’re leading a fast-growing company towards success, you need a multidimensional view of your business.

With Pigment, you can swiftly compare actuals, budgets and forecasts to track key metrics and see the impact of your decisions in real-time.

Pigment finance

For Finance professionals

As your business grows, it gets harder to build and maintain accurate reports, plans and forecasts.

Pigment brings all your data together, unlocking effortless real-time modelling and better strategic thinking.

Pigment is great for…

Pigment Efficient

Efficient planning

Doing less grunt work.

Pigment Breaking down silos

Aligning your teams

Breaking down silos.

Pigment Avoiding unpleasant surprises

Predict & plan

Avoiding unpleasant surprises.

Pigment open platform to connect your data sources


Open platform to connect all your data sources.

Pigment Security

Trust & Security

High level security integration.

Why Planadigm?


We bring years of domain & tool knowledge to the table.


What you see & hear is what you get.


Open & honest way of working.

Knowledge transfer

We transfer our knowledge to your organisation, so you can do the next project yourself.

Hassle-free support

Full support of our experts during the implementation and afterwards.

State-of-the-art solution

Planning 3.0 to allow to be as flexible and agile as your business needs.

The process

Based on years of experience we have a proven process to support you in achieving the required value, fast.

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