Life Science

Life Sciences are heavily regulated to make sure customers or patients have no negative side effects and are protected. This results in large amounts of tests to be performed, legal documents to complete and complex supply chains.

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Life Science characteristics


Laws and regulation

Given the heavy regulation in Life Sciences and the extensive testing and documentation processes from initial tests to the final go-to-market, how do you ensure that the investment pays off? What measures do you take to have a comprehensive understanding of this market and implement a strategic approach to planning?

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Complex supply chains

With various components sourced from different suppliers (including active product ingredients and packaging), how do you ensure transparency in your entire supply chain? What quality assurance stage gates do you have in place, considering that faults can be both lethal and costly?

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High costs of R&D

In navigating the lengthy journey from an idea to a fully commercialized product, where unexpected challenges often arise, how do you ensure that the costs incurred will be recovered later on? What steps do you take to gain a comprehensive understanding of the costs at every stage of this process, enabling informed decision-making?

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Strategic planning

Strategic planning helps to map out a plan for the organisation. If profit is not to be expected in the early days of a new product, a clear strategy keeps everyone on track and focused on the end goal: a profitable product and market.

Clear visibility

Clear visibility and reporting

Create metrics to measure progress and set clear thresholds for automatic alerting when thresholds are reached. Frequent updates of the metrics to keep a close watch on progress.


Stage gate decision making

When investing huge amounts of money and no clear visibilty in the outcome, stage gates need to be build into your planning & decision making process. Based on defined criteria, each stage gate should produce a clear Go or No Go decision.

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