Planning Process Improvement

Looking at your planning processes, where can it be improved? Increasing the speed of planning by cutting layers for approval, breaking down siloes between departments to allow a free data flow, or improving the forecast accuracy by planning at the proper level of details.

Planning Process Improvement

Improve your planning process

Taking out unnecessary steps in a planning process improves flexibility, reduces levels of approval, empowers the planners, and allows you to respond much faster to events. An improved planning process is fast to set up, flexible to adjust, and accurate in the delivery of your plans.

Do you recognize this

Process too long

Planning process takes too long

The budget planning process starts after summer holiday and is just in time ready at the start of the new year. The process takes too long and is not transparent.
No commitment

No commitment from the planners

The initial plan you created and submitted, is not recognised anymore after the third update cycle. The initial values you submitted have been changed by the process, you have no clue how the figure came about.
Black Box

Black box

Too many steps and layers are added to the planning process, resulting in a long planning cycle. Between input and output many activities take place which are a black box for the planners.

How we can help


A planning process needs to be fast & agile

Our current environment has become difficult to predict, with many events that have a disrupting effect, happening much faster then before. But our planning processes are inflexible and take way too long. This mismatch needs to be solved by reinventing the planning process, to be able to respond quickly to events.

A plan is per definition wrong, but should be used as a guiding principle

With a plan we aim to model the future as a prediction. But in most cases the plan has become the future, we go to lenghts to make the future fit to our plan. A plan should be your guiding principle of the direction to go, but can be adjusted along the way to reflect the new actuality.

An outsider perspective can bring a fresh view to your business

With our years of experience in different industries, we bring a fresh perspective to your table. This can help to rethinking your planning process and apply our learnings and best practices to your business.

We deliver interim supply chain professionals to fill temporary gaps in your planning team. We support your operational planning processes and improve where needed.

How you benefit


Fast decision making

An agile planning process supports fast decision making. Changes due to events can be examined for the impact and your plan can be adjusted to reflect the new situation…in matter of hours (instead of weeks).

Optimised inventory

Well defined and fast changes to the plan do not cause disruptions up or downstream your supply chain. Better decisions supported by an agile process reduces the need for large inventory.

Guiding principles

Accepting a plan as a guiding principle allows for informed decisions. Everyone knows what to do when an event occurs to stay on track of the plan.

The process

Based on years of experience we have a proven process to support you in achieving the required value, fast.

Want something more?

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Our games offer hands-on learning, fostering faster retention at a fraction of real-world costs. With quick feedback loops, teams learn teamwork and soft skills effectively.

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