High Tech

The High Tech industry flourishes by innovations. Creating new products, finding the right suppliers, scaling up production, a highly skilled workforce and cutting edge technology are a few of the characteristics of this industry.

High Tech characteristics

Highly innovative

This industry holds the highest number of patents worldwide. Innovation can mean the difference between market leader or follower, between make of break. How to become more innovative and increase your turnover and margin?

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Huge R&D costs involved

Innovation comes with a price, huge costs are involved in Research and Development. Can these costs be covered by future products and services? A well thought through strategic plan is a must. And clear defined exit criteria in case the R&D effort does not pay off.

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From niche to mainstream

Once a new product has been launched, competition will try to get a share of the (new) market as well. Cheaper alternatives are launched, so careful planning is required. How to keep a balanced marketing campaign to stay on top of the market to protect your market share?

How we can help

Finance Report

Full financial insight

Financial planning and reporting is key. Full transparency of costs and revenue throughout your supply chain is a must to calculate break-even points, future margins and profitability. Frequent updates of the financial KPI’s is needed to keep track of progress.


Strategic planning

Strategic planning helps to map out a plan for the organisation. If profit is not to be expected in the early days of a new product, a clear strategy keeps everyone on track and focused on the end goal: a profitable product and market.

Cost Control

Cost control in every phase of the product life cycle

Throughout the product life cycle of a product, a good understanding of the cost components and pricing is needed. Costs tend to go down once certain levels of production are reached, but the same goes for your sales price. Keeping a constant eye on costs and therefor margin allows for great profit management.

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