Success Story: Leading producer of sustainable fuel


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Our customer, a leading producer of sustainable (aviation) fuel, renewable diesel, and renewable feedstock solutions for the chemical industry use, experienced double-digit growth. This growth has come with some challenges in the supply planning, that the growth is faster than the organization could adapt to. 


Critical Issue

Our customer was using multiple Excel files to match the market demand with the supply of raw materials, the production capacity per facility and as a secondary process the matching of sustainability certification. The manual maintenance was labor intensive and error prone.



The Excel files used for planning did not support the expected future growth of the company any longer. The company experienced an increase in demand and production and needed a more flexible and agile planning platform that could support and grow the business. 



Our customer realized that they needed a solution which is scalable, flexible and can be easily adjusted to changing processes that would give an end-to-end visibility in the supply chain (from sourcing to delivery to the customer). The Supply Chain Development Director realised that replacing Excel would benefit their company.


We provided

With our in-depth supply chain knowledge, project management skills and our expertise in planning solutions, we provided the right mix to successfully implement the solution. The implementation was done during COVID times, so clear communication and alignment on specification during online meetings proved to be essential for the success. Besides the many online touch points, we were able to implement according to the (last minute) updates of the requirements.



Positive results were realised in different areas:
  • End-to-end visibility: from customer demand all the way to sourcing, the customer was able to report and influence their planning in each step. 
  • Fast planning: As their planning cycle is based on a weekly process, we reduced 2 days of data collection and reporting before starting the planning.
  • One unified platform for sales and supply chain planning.
  • One platform for:
    • Data load & -cleansing.
    • Adjustments to the plan for multiple business users.
    • Dashboards to gain better insights and support of exception reporting.
  • Scenario planning: Using the excel files, it was impossible to create scenarios. With the implementation of the planning solution, scenario planning is now the main driver for creating the final plan.
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