Webinar "Agile planning in volatile times: a reset"

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Current Supply Chains experience much more disruptions and uncertainty than ever before. So your planning process needs to be very agile and responsive to the events happening. But we see at most of our Supply Chain contacts that they cannot adjust quickly, are not flexibile and fast enough with an updated plan that ripples down to the operational level. With major disruptions in their Supply Chains as a consequence (too little, too late).

Are you experiencing latency in your planning processes? Do you have a hard time to update your current planning system with the latest information to see the impact up- and downstream in your Supply Chain. In that case, we invite you to our webinar “Agile planning in volatile times: a reset”. In this webinar Lora Cecere will touch a couple of current Supply Chain issues:

  • Improving process alignment
  • Decreasing process latency
  • Improving what-if analysis

Together with Pigment, we will show how state of the art planning software can deal with the mentioned issues by being flexible, agile, easy to implement and can be maintained by the business (not IT).

Registration for this webinar the 24th of October (15:00 CET) is open now. This webinar is free of charge, use this link to save your seat: https://www.gopigment.com/webinars/agile-planning-in-volatile-times-a-reset-with-planadigm

Planadigm - Webinar Lora
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