Addressing decreased productivity with Pigment: revolutionising Business Planning processes


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Decreased Productivity

There is less unemployment (meaning more people take part in the work environment), but our productivity decreases! That means that our nett output per working member of society decreases. And that is very worrisome, it means we do not elevate the productivity gains we can get from technology and software.



Many businesses today rely heavily on technology and software to streamline their operations and maximise their productivity. However, despite the advancements in these tools, there seems to be a growing concern regarding the decrease in overall productivity. This paradox has left many business leaders scratching their heads and searching for solutions.


One potential breakthrough that holds promise in revolutionising business planning processes is the use of Pigment. Yes, you read that right – Pigment. It may seem unconventional, but recent studies have shown that incorporating Pigment into  your Supply Chain processes can have a profound impact on productivity.
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Increased productivity with Pigment

Pigment is the cloud-based planning platform that support different functional areas of business planning, like Sales & Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain and HR. Easy to learn, quick to implement and low costs are some of the advantages compared to the exiting, legacy planning solutions out there. Or Excel, which is still the number 1 Supply Chain planning tool used nowadays.


While pigment may seem like an underdog, its potential to revolutionise business planning processes should not be underestimated. By harnessing the power of flexibility, easy to learn, quick to implement and low cost of ownership (TCO), business can be more effective and efficient.
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With Pigment we can increase the productivity for business planning processes. Instead of days, a plan can be recalculated in hours. The creation and calculation of a scenario in just a few clicks. The enablement and extension of your supply chain (to your suppliers and customers) to collaborate real time.
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