Planning Quick Scan


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We proudly present our Planning Quick Scan. This Planning Quick Scan has the goal to quickly analyse the quality of your planning processes. It generates an overview of areas where you perform better or under market average, the areas for improvement.

We will guide you through a set of questions in the area of:
– Demand Planning
– Supply Planning
– Financial Planning
– S&OP

These questions will touch topics in the area of your planning processes, planning data and planning software. All within 60 minutes and immediate feedback (as we input the answers) on your position regarding to the market.

Planning Quick Scan

Do you recognise any of the situations below?
– We think we can plan faster, but we do not know where to improve
– We have too much stock at our warehouse
– We should be able to create one or two scenarios, but we never have the time
– Cooperation between demand – supply – finance is non-existing to limited
– We have not enough visibility in our up-/ downstream supply chain
– Our budget preparation takes as long as our budget cycle
– When we need to allocate, we have no clue what the best financial option is

In that case we can help. Contact us directly to schedule a session as the start of improving your planning and the bottom line result of your organisation. You can contact us at or reach out to me directly at +316 – 5188 4701.

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