Game-based learning as a tool for training

Planadigm aims to keep up with the latest trends in training and technology, which is why we’ve partnered with Inchainge. This partnership gives us the opportunity to offer supply chain management training through their game-based learning simulations.

The advantage of business simulation games

Explore our two engaging business simulation games designed for organizational learning:

  • The Triple Connection (ESG): Explore the impact of supply-related actions on your company‚Äôs sustainability efforts.
  • The Cool Connection (IBP): Experience how supply-related actions affect your company’s overall performance.

We believe in the power of experiential learning offered by these games. Participants learn faster and more effectively through hands-on experience, fostering better retention of knowledge. Plus, it’s a cost-effective alternative to real-world training. With short feedback loops built into the game, teams can quickly understand the consequences of their decisions, promoting teamwork and soft skill development.

Join leading companies like ING, Mars, Nyenrode, MIT, and LambWeston who have leveraged our simulation games for success.

Games typically run for 8 hours, with options to schedule multiple sessions for larger groups. We can tailor the program to fit your specific learning needs, priorities, and budget. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and start your journey to organizational improvement today!

The Triple Connection

The Triple Connection Zoom

The business simulation game immerses participants in implementing a sustainable strategy for a virtual manufacturer. Participants are confronted with real-life dilemmas, compelling them to make critical decisions to maintain a fair balance between profitability and sustainability.

The game includes a limited budget, demanding a more complex analysis. Effective alignment and robust cross-functional communication are crucial for establishing the correct priorities.

Inchainge - The Triple Connection

Key learning objectives

  1. Understand the importance of alignment in achieving sustainability goals.
  2. Translate sustainability strategies into actionable plans.
  3. Learn to navigate sustainability trade-offs effectively.

Sustainability Development Goals

The Triple Connection aligns with 13 out of 17 Sustainability Development Goals set by the United Nations. Participants must consider the real-life consequences of every decision they make.

The Cool Connection

Discover the world’s premier business game focused on Integrated Business Planning (IBP). This web-based simulation immerses participants in strategic decision-making within a manufacturing company, encompassing sales, purchasing, supply chain management, and finance functions. Prepare to confront real-life dilemmas and sharpen your business acumen in this dynamic learning environment.

Inchainge - The Cool Connection

Key learning objectives

  1. Gain insights into the interplay between the physical and financial aspects of the supply chain.
  2. Master the art of managing trade-offs effectively to optimize working capital.
  3. Cultivate alignment and cross-functional collaboration as essential components of successful business management.

About Inchainge

With over 10 years of experience in developing value chain leaders, InChainge offers innovative game-based learning simulations. Their simulations provide participants with a life-like experience based on corporate best practices, fostering an innovative approach to learning.

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